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Do You Need a Surveyor?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I had a call from a gentleman who said he needed a boundary survey. When asked why he might need one, he said that the 40-foot tree near the boundary between himself and the neighboring property to the west had died. Through a lawyer, the off site owner of the neighboring property  had informed him that the dead tree was going to be removed and that he would be receiving a bill for half the services. Fortunately, the gentleman's home was located mid-town. I drove over and saw a dead 2-foot diameter pine tree square in the middle of a fence line that had been there since the 1950's. The gentleman was incensed because his absentee neighbor was dictating a plan of action.

I gave him an estimate for the cost of the boundary survey he was requesting and explained to him why the survey would probably  not resolve the problem. I suggested that he get two more quotes from licensed and bonded arborists for the removal of the tree. Then he could call his neighbor and discuss which company to use and the cost.  Apparently, it has all worked out.

Potential clients do not always need a land survey. Sometimes they need better neighbors and sometimes they just need to be better neighbors.

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